Trust and Believe

I often feel helpless. I often feel like I can not go any further on my own. I feel limited. That is so contradictory to what I believe in. The only Limitations You have are the one You place upon Yourself! I don’t remember who said it to me, but that is what I believe … More Trust and Believe


And again my soul feels the urge to leave. But where should I go, if I know I have to stay? Very difficult. Whenever problems seem to be impossible to be solved and I feel as if i am trapped in a cycle of ever repeating “mistakes”, I want to pack my bag, leave everything … More Persistence

Faces_My Mirror

Im your mirror. Like father like .. daughter?! It took me a while to accept and realise that I am my parents’ daughter and that there is nothing wrong in being like my mother or my father as long as I don’t try to be an exact clone. My sister looks just like my mother. … More Faces_My Mirror

Let’s Exchange More

Why do we engage in conversations? I enjoy reasoning with different minds and I love this moment when your mind goes “OOOH!” – I really haven’t thought of it from this point of perspective.  But if there isn’t this “OH” and you just can’t relate to what your opponent is saying, the conversation can easily ignite … More Let’s Exchange More

Miss Lue

  Model: Chinnisha Photographer: Jam Coke Location: Charlottenburg, Berlin “Sister, I m coming to visit you!” I Love hearing her saying that. My sister Chinnisha is not a guest she is Home. Seriously, if you should meet her one day, you know what I mean. She has an astonishing presence and wow she can be … More Miss Lue