Sowing the first Seed

Talking About My Dreamworld

My Dreamworld is simple
My Dreamworld is real
What hinders me from living my Dream,
is righ here

– within Me

Dreamaing of being someone I yet dont dare to Be.

My Ego, my Pride
My incomplete Self
My own Slave and Master
ruled by noone else

– than Me

Dreaming of being Someone I yet don’t dare to Be

But here comes the Plot,
like in every good Story
„I am going to change“ – I promised myself
So young Me don’t you worry

– only when will that Be?

Still Dreaming of that Someone I yet don’t dare to Be

Will I learn to listen,
to my heart and Intuition?
Will I be Brave?
Forgive and love my Mistakes?

Will I stop Dreaming of that Someone and just dare to Be?

~ Jam Coke

2 thoughts on “Sowing the first Seed

  1. My darling don’t waste a second! We only ever have just this very moment! I believe you are a fearless warrior, surrounded and supported in the most magical way. Thank you for sharing your essence.
    <3 Feel Loved, BE Blessed <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Love,
      thank you for your comment, it made my day!
      I started this blog to meet ppl like you and to maybe inspire a few ppl.
      wishing you all the best!! Love and Bless :*


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