He Moved Me! Will He Move You, Too? – The Power of Honesty, Humility and Humour by Steve Shenbaum

Honesty, Humility and Humour or let’s call them the Tripple H’s, because I am a fan of Justice League, Marvel and almost every Superhero. But yeah, that’s what these three words actually are; Superheroes. They are what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life. I don’t want to steal Mr. Shenbaum’s show, so I am not going to leak to many of the information given in his TEDTalks speech, I am only going to share my story (that’s what he encourages) to how I found this video and how it transformed a bad day into a brilliant and uplifting day.

Therefore, I am starting with Honesty. I did not write this post today. I actually wrote it on the 15th November 2014. I decided to post it a little later because I want it to be a reminder as well. I want to remember this day as the day I consciously decided to make an active change. To be a 100% honest to myself in order to not hurt myself anymore and the people I truly love. It took me awhile to admit that I am not being honest with myself. Now you may think, so what’s the deal with it? The effect of not truly being honest is tremendous. You keep on saying I am fine even though you are not, you are suppressing every negative emotion and every bad habit because you are afraid of admitting you are, what ?… a human?

There is Light

I felt so ashamed of my negative traits that I tried everything to suppress them. And I said Yes to obligations I should have said No to, simply because I couldn’t be honest to myself and admit that I am not able to do them responsibly. I found excuses for treating myself badly like, “I have to work I cannot deal with my health.” Or I let one stupid incident be an excuse for stopping a task. But the incident was not the reason I did not completed the task, it was my insecurity, my lack of faith.

However on that day I disappointed a true friend of mine. She always encouraged me to bring out the best of me and did many motivational speeches. Not everyone has the privilege of having someone who does not give up on you and keeps on pushing you. I value every word she said but my lack in faith and my lack in self-believe became a real burden, I thought I couldn’t fight. Wrong! On that day I first admitted to myself, to her and her husband that I failed in being honest and I apologised for the effects it had on them.

I was so angry all day and I cried a lot. I wanted to feel bad because I thought I deserved it for making other people suffer because of my dishonesty. Also I wasn’t ready for finally finding the cause of my steady emotional swings. There were a lot of emotions I had to deal with on that day. In order to clear my mind I decided to watch TEDTalks, they are so inspiring. I watched: Mel Robbins, Cortney Warren and voilá The Power of Honesty, Humility and Humour by Steve Shenbaum. His speech made me laugh and cheered me up. I am so grateful for the universe, to always respond and always knowing my needs. Also I am so grateful for having, having wonderful siblings – they move me, having amazing friends – they move me and all the wonderful people who share their stories because you move me, too.

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