How You Progress by Gav Pauze

Poetry is such a smooth way to  reach out to people. It is gentle, creative, it flows and stimmulates your brain cells, – they make you think.  The poem I am presenting you today was written by a sincere friend of mine and covers a topic we all can relate to and most of us are trying to figure out.

“How to Progress” – how do we?

I hope this motivational poem inspiers you as much as it did me.

How You Progress 

Nothing’s impossible that you can’t find,
it won’t be forever that I hath to remind,
the power and strength to reach success,
comes from deep inside you that I confess,
you’re strong and clever with a lot of drive,
everything you do you will of course thrive.

How you progress comes from learning,
so keep moving forward, the fire burning,
you’ve travelled along way, good to see,
carry on working hard to set yourself free,
achieving all goals, obtaining ambition,
setting yourself up to a complete position.

If things seem hard that’s called progress,
often it comes with some amount of stress,
please don’t give in or put goals to aside,
it’s all a part of the learning on this life ride,
tests that come now we learn for the future,
one day looking back at it with some humour.

Pass the first test it’s strength for the second,
achieve your aims as success is beckoned,
positive thoughts bring around a good action,
which in turn leads to such great satisfaction,
the power that’s inside you, you hold and own,
even at times when it feels just like a cyclone.

Keep with what your doing, stick at it to rise,
one day in yourself I think you will surprise,
all the power, the drive will bring you to win,
and troubles that arose will be a has been,
striving past all these tests and issues sent,
will help you achieve with a lot less torment.

– by Gav Pauze (28/05/14)


Voilá, also if you are into peace loving music and enjoy the sweet sounds of Reggae music, tune in to the  Unique Reggae Mix Show by DJ Pauze. If you are interested in reading more of his beautiful poems, you will find his collection on the same website.

– Thank you so much Pauze

Blessed Day,

Jam Coke

PS: Please, feel free to leave a comment, if you have any questions or simply want to comment on the poem.



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