Start with doing Nothing

I bet we all know theses days, you go to bed with the strong believe to wake up the next day, get right out of the bed and be productive. – I will do this, and do that, and I really need to clean the kitchen first!!!

But the next morning starts with turning of the alarm clock and going for another round of sleep. Waking Up Part 2 beginns with grabbing your phone and be shocked that you have slept another 2-3 hours.

Now you slowly get up feeling like half of the day is wasted and the plans you have made the night before are more or the less not achievable. F*** it, I’ll do it tomorrow !!! Or simply next week. A fresh week is a good basis to quench my thirst for action (that’s what I have talked myself into believing).

You knw how the storie continues.

But being honest, we have to admit that we do not want to get up, not for something we do not want to do. We feel like we have to do something, be prodoctive, get any job that is accetable in the eyes of society. Just do something, it is better than doing nothing.
I would not say it is wrong, but it also can not be right. If you strive for a meaningful live, a life where you really live and enjoy the fact that you are on this earth right now, in this amazing body, you have to start with doing nothing. I am saying nothing because alot of people would refere thinking as doing nothing, but as it is a verb, it is active to me.

So start with Nothing called Thinking.

Think about what you really want. What you want from yourself and in your life. Where you want to be. What you want to do. It takes time and some already know what they want to do but do not know how to get it or do not believe in getting it.

You get what you diserve! If it is something that you really want than you diserve it and get it.

If you start thinking and find out what you really want, you will naturally develop this thirst for action, not the one with the bitter taste, the one that makes you feel like having bees in your tummy and and honey on your tongue. It is sweet!

It is a beautiful feeling and that is the first brick to build your life’s funderment. Don’t be afraind of doing Nothing

Be yourself, and don’t be afraid, there is no better you than yourself.


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