Asase Ye Duru

I am inspired by many cultures, especially by the nummerous cultures of Africa. The wisdom and purity of these cultures fascinate me and  comparing them to other ancient cultures among the world, I can say that the core is the same.

“Asase (Earth/ Nature), if I die, I will lean on you. Asase, as long as I live, I will count on you.”
– a prayer used by the Ashanti

Every ancient culture knew what we are just about to realize. – The divinity of Nature!
Nature is The Most High. The mother of all Goddesses and Gods on earth.
In the Akan culture of West Africa, the Ashanti people use the name Asase  and personified her as a Goddes ( also: Asase Ye Duru, Asase Yaa or Asase Afua).
She gave birth to humanity and reclaims the lives of her children from death.
She has all the wisdom and knows all the answers to life.
Also she represents Fertility, Peace, Life and Dead.
Nature has many names, but most  people cannot see her for what she really  is,  a Goddes! 


ASASE YE DURU “the Earth has weight”

symbol of providence and the divinity of Mother Earth

This symbol represents the importance of the Earth in sustaining life.



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