Right now I am Happy


wow, here I am! I always wanted to live here. Move freely, be free, live and be myself. This city is truly magical. What I love most about Berlin is that you have the choice to either be alone or to be in the scene, to be among people or just be somewhere in nature. This city is huge but still it’s not foreign. On the contrary, the Big City Life is tough, and I won’t lie about it, I am still having a tough time out here. But most of all, I am happy and that is what matters after all.

It is not important to count all your bad experiences, count your blessings. And yes, a bad experience is a blessing, for it has a hidden message and offers you a lesson. Live the moment, try to be fully present and enjoy it. Live now, not tomorrow. And, forget about yesterday, let the past be the past.

Think of what you are feeling right now, – right now I am happy, I am exited, I am peaceful. Store that feeling, hold on to it and always think is it worth it to feel bad? Most of the time it’s not. Or let me be brave, it’s never worth it to feel bad. Noone can take it away from you.

Isn’t it beautiful to know that everything lays in your hands? It’s your decision, you decide how you want to react and how you want to feel. You are in control and your willpower can take you everywhere!

by Jam Coke
by Jam Coke

The day I moved to Berlin, I said to myself that I don’t want negativity anymore. I don’t want to talk about it or let it influence me. Honestly, up to today it doesn’t always work. I often find myself in a bad mood, angry about somthing or someone and sometimes I catch myself gossiping around. But, in situations like this, I remind myself that I made a decision, not do so because it doesn’t benefit my personal growth, so I just STOP. You can always stop with what you are doing, if it makes you feel bad. I learned alot, I won battles and some are waiting for revenge, some I couldn’t win because I simply wasn’t ready.

With everyday I am growing stronger and I begin to accept and recognize my own beauty. I have gained the strength to detect my own weaknesses and to reflect my behaviour and my emotions. I am thankful for that. I know the theory, we all know the theory,  now we have to be brave enough to put it in practice.

I don’t regret anything. Moving here brought me closer to myself.


Jam Coke


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