Trust and Believe

I often feel helpless. I often feel like I can not go any further on my own. I feel limited.
That is so contradictory to what I believe in. The only Limitations You have are the one You place upon Yourself! I don’t remember who said it to me, but that is what I believe in. And that is so true.

Easily said, but what should I do now?

Jam Coke
Jam Coke

Of course we have to develop trust in what we believe is right and especially we have to trust ourselves. Reading books helps me to develop trust and to expand, shape and sharpen my mind.

Also, whenever I feel like, I need to talk to somebody, but not just anybody and this specific person is not available or doesn’t exist, I start to meditate. I don’t know how to meditate, I just sit down or lay down, close my eyes and start to focus on my breath. While I’m focusing on my breath, I can feel chills all over my body and feel how tense I was. The more I focus, the more relaxed I get.

I noticed, that especially my face ( forehead and jaw) lose tension.

Call it an illusion or made-up, during meditation I ask questions. Questions I think I have no answers for. But as soon as I change from desperate to trust-mode, I am starting to see things more clearly and realize that all answers are already there, within me. I know there is a higher being in everyone of us, called soul, that can easily connect to other higher beings, if we trust.

And again, the only Limitations You have are the one You place upon Yourself. We are wonderful and not aware of what we are capable of. Be yourself, Trust in yourself

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