Who is Chinnisha?

Hi everyone, I am so happy to see you here! 

My name is Chinnisha and I love to cook. Of course there are many other things I enjoy doing, but cooking is a special passion of mine. In order to tell you more about “why I love to cook”, you need to know that I am from an island that is rich in fruits and full of people who love cooking dishes with natural ingredients. And not to forget I am a vegan, or how we like to name it Ital. My country of birth, helped me to prepare great vegan, healthy and nutritious dishes, in a society where processed food already conquered people’s eating habits.

Chinnisha- by Jam Coke
Chinnisha- by Jam Coke

Jamaica’s kitchen is very healthy, as the people make use of unprocessed foods. The people of this wonderful little island are aware of the connection between health and food, therefore they use “highly rated” medical herbs, such as ginger, garlic, all spice and hot peppers (eatjamaican.com).
What I do, is to be creative with all kind of natural ingredients. I do everything spontaneously and most of the time I cook without recipes, just as it comes to my mind.

The talent for cooking was passed on to me by my wonderful grandfather, who I will introduce to you another time. He explained simple basics to me and gave little but precious tips. Actually, he wanted me to become a great cook for my future husband and kids. Well, that is just fine, but I do it for the love and fun of it.

However, firstly I want to start slow and tell you more about my trips to Jamaica and it’s beautiful mountains, where I found great friendships and wonderful people. I also took interesting pictures of fruits and vegetables that allowed me to be more creative in cooking. I am looking forward to share my knowledge and experiences with you.


PS: if you want to check out more of her amazing recipies check


or visit her Instagram Chinnisha_  :)

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