Another End

We should not question
the Universe, God “Why?”
Because we never understand,
until it’s Time.

To rise above
Into the supreme
Into that special state of Mind
Into that Being.

Painful memories, unrefined
It’s a felony.
Yes, it is a crime!

They shake you,
keep you far from yourself.
They mean to break you,
infect your health.

Love the Hearts
for there dwell the Souls.
It’s an open door
“Step in! My home is yours!”

Let it be your Sanctuary
Let it be your Oasis.
A place of Harmony
Or a ride in a Spaceship.

Stay as long as you want to
Go wherever, – you are free to.
Until you choose to be reborn, again
Into a body that suits you so well.

Because we will never understand,
until it’s time for another End.

– JamCoke

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