Please Explain

What I am to you,
is not clear to me.

What you want me to be,
is just what you see.

I m not dark
and I m not clear.

I am your desire
and I am your fear

I am what ever pleases you,
if it pleases you.
Your portrait of me,
eases your mind
from the terrible truth
your fathers left behind.

I am not like you.
I am definitely not You!

In the struggle I am black,
like my mother.
In times of pain,
I could never understand…
You claim I m like my father.

If you were put to trial
you would deny me;
I am not half full
neither am I half empty.

In times of joy
you choose freely and play with my colours
and in times of jokes
I m the laughter.

Don’t dare to take it personal.
You weren’t meant.
The others were..,
you know, your kind!
The race you represent.

But if I dare to correct you,
if I call upon your common sense.
You tell me I have nothing to do with it
because I m not them.

So I have to bare the insults.
I have to carry the burdens,
of the victor and the victim

I carry the guilt of the masters
and the anger of the Slaves.
I am acused for the injustice
and abused because of my shape.

Your words make me deph !
Your words make me sick!

You want me close,
but not in your house
Maybe on stage
and definitely on the field

Run. Play. Sing. Dance.
Entertain me
Work. Earn. Pay. Exchange.
Maintain me.

I obey you
In return
I am getting a glimps of your love

But still, you ask me to choose
Obviously, I m not the only one
being confused

I am human
I am no Land
I am human,
I don’t doubt I am.
But if being human means being like you,
I’d rather choose to be nothing
nothing like you.
And not like them
I have more than one colour.
Coulerful I Am!


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