Faces_My Mirror

Im your mirror. Like father like .. daughter?!

It took me a while to accept and realise that I am my parents’ daughter and that there is nothing wrong in being like my mother or my father as long as I don’t try to be an exact clone.

My sister looks just like my mother. Damn, that bothered me because I was so detatched to her. Wherever she was, I was. People kept telling me I don’t really resemble my mother. That was basically all I wanted to hear – You look just like your Mother!! – Well but I don’t.
My mother is jamaican and I wanted to be seen as a jamaican, it sounds more special and unique. My father is german – how boring – and when people said I look like my father, I felt offended. How the hell do I look german?  I had to understand that it wasn’t about race, simply the fact that I am the walking proof of carrying his  DNA, but I was too narrow minded. Nico (1 von 14)

While growing up and becomming that young, still maturing woman I am now, I figured how right everyone was. Not that I only resemble him (facial features) also our souls resembles. I can’t be prouder to have him as my father.

Seeing him grow as a father and as an individual made me look inside a mirror. His “mistakes” were my lessons, as well. His reactions in times of emotional disbalance were my refelctions.

At first it was shocking to realise we are so alike but than I felt so comfortable and secure, that I am exatcly where I need to be, surrounded by the people who will help me grow, passively and actively. Its an amzing feeling.



Nico (14 von 14)  Nico (13 von 14)    Nico (12 von 14)  Nico (11 von 14)

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