And again my soul feels the urge to leave. But where should I go, if I know I have to stay?
Very difficult. Whenever problems seem to be impossible to be solved and I feel as if i am trapped in a cycle of ever repeating “mistakes”, I want to pack my bag, leave everything behind and bon voyage. Not the best solution if you strive for growth, I guess.
Atti matti (1 von 3)
I am good at escaping and quitting, so I said to myself not this time. Though it makes me feel like kicking in doors and throwing dishes. I can now sense the importance of persistence. If I am not capable of managing hard times like the one I am facing now, how can I ever be prepared for what life has in store and how can I see beauty and value the good times, if I cannot face the negative and the “ugly”?

“Darkness is only opportunity to create light” ~ Unknown

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