And again my soul feels the urge to leave. But where should I go, if I know I have to stay? Very difficult. Whenever problems seem to be impossible to be solved and I feel as if i am trapped in a cycle of ever repeating “mistakes”, I want to pack my bag, leave everything … More Persistence

Faces_My Mirror

Im your mirror. Like father like .. daughter?! It took me a while to accept and realise that I am my parents’ daughter and that there is nothing wrong in being like my mother or my father as long as I don’t try to be an exact clone. My sister looks just like my mother. … More Faces_My Mirror

Let’s Exchange More

Why do we engage in conversations? I enjoy reasoning¬†with different minds and I love this moment when your mind goes “OOOH!” – I really haven’t thought of it from this point of perspective. ¬†But if there isn’t this “OH” and you just can’t relate to what your opponent is saying, the conversation can easily ignite … More Let’s Exchange More